And we’re off…!


Well… after a frantic, yet festivity-filled, last week in Sydney (having made the potentially fateful decision to move out of our apartment and fly out of the country on the same day… not the beautifully stream-lined and synchronistic piece of planning as we had planned, but just sheer craziness!), we find ourselves on the road – Day 1 of a potential Day 365 (depending on how long the rupees last and how long we can survive on bucket showers and lentils…)

All we have at the moment is a ticket in hand, 19 destinations on the itinerary (reluctantly locked in 2 weeks prior to our departure when we realised that airlines don’t take as kindly to the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, dartboard approach to travel, that we had originally envisaged), and some time to explore those places that we have always dreamed of visiting… as well as a few places that just happen to fall along the way…

We thought we’d try and keep you updated on some of our travels on this new-fangled blog-thing (apparently all the kids are doing it these days, so Christophe tells me..!) and dazzle you with a few pictures of some of the sights we see along the way (not to mention, a few piccies of the two of us in our jazzy travelling attire.. and no comments please, on the beanie that I shall be wearing over the coming weeks… It’s cold in the Himalayas!)

Anyway, we look forward to hearing from all of you at home… (but please, just don’t tell us about the stunning Sydney weather and the glorious surf at Bondi… least not til next year…!)

Cheerio for now… We’re Tokyo-bound + ready for some sushi action…