How many people can fit on an Indian bus?


When you decide to take the plunge and hop on a local Indian bus, there is one question that aways seems to come back: but just how many more people can they fit on the bus?

As the bus progresses along the road, and more people manage to somehow squeeze themselves in the bus, one can only have admiration for the Indian’s ability to make use of space.

Take this bus:


How many people do you think would fit in there?

Tip: the numbering on the seats stops at 38. For additional clues, you might want to click on that picture.

This is what it looks like when it’s full – note that we could not photograph both people standing and sitting on the floor:


Well, any idea?

One more clue: this is what the bus looks like when viewed from the outside:


OK, we don’t have the exact answer, because we could not see – therefore count – everyone. We estimated that, taking into account the old tyre at the back of the bus, there were approximately 70 people inside the bus. I am sure that half-a-dozen or so people would also manage to append themselves to the sides and the roof of the bus… but given our resticted vision under the flour sacks, it’s really impossible to know!