Tibet in Dharamsala


Dharamsala is the home of the Tibet Goverment in exile.

Today, we simply decided to explore the surroundings of McLeod Ganj, the little town perched on a ridge close to Dharamsala and the residence of the Dalai Lama.

It’s a lovely little town. Touristy yet surprisingly pleasant.

If you are not doing some soul searching there is not much to do here except enjoy the serenity of place or attend one of the rare lectures of the Dalai Lama.

We also visited the Tibet Museum which is a good reminder of why a few thousand Tibetans are living here in a village in the middle of India, and how they got here.

I was particularly touched by a photo of the Ganden monastery which I visited two years ago in Tibet – you could see that most buildings had been destroyed and burned to the ground. Only one of the buildings has survived.

But I think what I find the saddest were the couple of Tibetan bank notes and post stamps dating from before the Chinese invasion… as if they needed to prove that Tibet ever existed.

Below are a couple of resources on Free Tibet:

http://www.freetibet.org – Free Tibet Campaign

http://www.tibet.com/ – Tibet Government in Exile

http://www.savetibet.org/ – International Campaign for Tibet

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  1. 1 Phil Jackson Posted November 12th, 2007 - 19:25

    Christophe and Kate. we. in Orange are now watching you progression ( and learnings)of the trip.Nepal looks just beautiful and I am sure your view on the global web of a common ground of the global economy will have a different slant from your observations. I hope you get to bathe in the crisp water of the upper Ganges. Your exploits and experiences will continue to reflect pn the easy life, we in Australia, experience.

    I do hope you can both vote next wee, for your contributuion in removing the climate skeptic Howard and Turnbull.

    Safe travels and best wishes,

    Phil, Dee and the boys

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