Romping it home in Jodphur!


Today we’ve been celebrating!

jod-headlines.jpg For one – we made a miraculous discovery on Indian TV. Flicking randomly through the channels and hoping to catch a tiny headline about the Australian election, we came upon the totally unexpected visage of the lovely Kerry O’Brien and all his election analyst ABC buddies on Channel 74 (…complete with Julia Gillard and all those nifty ABC pie-chart graphics..)

Secondly – we raised our glasses (and our very first glass of wine since departing Australian shores) to toast the fact that Eden-Monaro has again retained its mantle as the bell-weather seat of Australian politics. Thank goodness they got it right this time.

Anyway – I think ours was the only election night party ever seen atop the Merangarh Fort in Jodphur! It certainly made the 36-hour odyssey – into and out of Delhi to vote – all the more worthwhile. (Particularly as Christophe had celebrated his new Aussie status, with the utmost of dedication to the cause, by voting out his entire ballot sheet and all 79 squares to the bitter end!)

Hmmm… might have a beer now to celebrate some more… (and perhaps one for Maxine as well!)