Here’s a random collection of stories and pictures following the adventures of Kate and Christophe overseas.

They plan to travel for the next 12 months or so, and over the course of the year they plan to hit 4 continents, a few surprise destinations… and squeeze in as much travelling goodness as they can.

serenity-at-the-top.jpg Christophe – already dazzling even the travel agents with his freakish knowledge of arcane airport codes – intends to add to his list of rarely-visited, off-the-map places, that may only be reached by 3 connecting flights and a camel ride, and continue his quest to climb very high things. (Much to Kate’s dismay…!)

kate-loves-tall-buildings.jpg Meanwhile, Kate is planning to cross 30 countries off the list, in this, the year of the big 3-0 (By the way, does the Vatican City count as a country?). She’s also intending to brush up her French in any obscure corner of the globe that she can (wouldn’t mind her ‘bonjour’ with a bit of a Senegalese flavour…) and work on that elusive tan.