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Mobile phones in Africa


As we progressively discover Tanzania, there is one thing that we cannot help notice: the colours of houses seem to have changed. In Mozambique, houses and businesses were mostly yellow or blue reflecting the colours of the two main mobile phone carriers in the Mozambique. In Tanzania, there is a lot more red or green, […]

Internet in Syria


Yesterday in Damascus, after checking my emails I realised that I had some messages on FaceBook so I tried to log into the popular social network website only to be greeted by a very unfriendly error message… FaceBook it seems is not welcome in Syria and the authorities have banned it, apparently after an anti-goverment […]

Last stop in Asia


Back to Bangkok from Cambodia, we are now bidding farewell to the Mekong region and getting ready for our middle-eastern experience. Both of us had visited the region a few times before so we were in familiar territory. We were both a little acquainted with the culture, the customs, the cuisine and we both knew […]

Tibet… as viewed from China


While we are geographically closer than most of our friends and family to the events in the streets of Lhasa, we are paradoxically much less informed… The official Chinese response to the events remains the same and follows from their perspective on Tibet which goes like this: Tibet was always part of China. The PLA […]

The great firewall of China


We were out and about in the mountains for the last couple of days and it seems the censors have been busy in the meantime. Upon our return, the BBC website and the Guardian have been censored: only the main page was accessible last night. Other western media work sporadically. English speaking medias seem to […]