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Out of Africa


As the bus sputtered into Nairobi in the early hours of Monday evening while our last glorious African sunset was fading from view, it seemed we had conquered our 3000+ km of African soil just in time to make it for our return flight to Paris. After seven-and-a-bit weeks, it was now time to swap […]

Land of the baobabs


We are in the land of the baobabs. Following our Asian adventure, an all-too brief foray into the Middle East and quick European pit-stop to indulge in some cheese, we have finally made it to Africa. All we have so far is a plane ticket that flies us into Johannesburg and out of Nairobi, and […]

whoah! calcutta


Well well well… what a strange morning. Firstly, Christophe dazzled the local congregation with a couple of hymns on the guitar in Mass this morning. (Yes – strange indeed. I never knew he knew ‘Kum Ba Yah’… But more on this unusual ‘Peter, Paul and Mary’ musical appearance later.) We then ended up in an […]

Happy New Year!


Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year and all the best for a rollicking 2008! Christophe and I somehow found ourselves in the Sikkimese capital – Gangtok – for New Year’s Eve, and managed by wonderful luck (rather than by careful planning), to share the evening’s festivities with a few of the […]

Blown Away!


That’s it – it’s official. After 2 and a half months travelling in India, we finally have a winner. You meet people along the course of your travels who often ask you the highlight of your trip so far – your favourite place, the definitive experience. Our typical response has always been a little non-committal […]