Here you can find bucketloads of our photos, starting with the most recent ones…


Buenos Aires

Aaah, Buenos Aires - we're in love! A city that loves to live late... combined with a penchant for barbecued meat & lashings of red wine, what more could you want!

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Iguazu Falls

Our shower for the week... welcome to backpacker travel!

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Our first stop in Brazil where we were lulled into staying for longer than anticipated. Crystal clear waters, stunning cascades, underwater lakes... not to mention the caipirinhas!

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At the height of its glory, Potosi was the wealthiest city in the world as a result of its silver industry. 500 years later, the mines are still operational but "Cerro Rico" is now known as the mountain that eats men (and boys)

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Strange red lagunas, wind-whipped rock formations, flocks of flaming flamingoes... Help! We've been sucked into a Dali painting...

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Salar de Uyuni

Surreal landscapes of salt flats littered with islands of cactus... very strange places where people do very strange things!

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Just a pueblo in the middle of nowhere but lucky enough to be the launching pad for some of Bolivia's most fascinating landscapes

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Parque Sajama

Parque Lauca's alter ego on the Bolivian side of the border separated by twin volcanoes ... and a minefield

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Parque Lauca

Wedged between southern Peru and Bolivia, Parque Lauca is bordered by majestic volcanoes where flamingoes and alpacas love to pose

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A beautiful colonial city in southern Peru with a convent where the old time nuns were famous for their decadent lifestyle

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Sacred Valley

Returning from Machu Picchu, we stopped off in a few of the villages of the Sacred Inca Valley and rambled through the local markets

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Machu Picchu

Up at the crack of dawn to trek up the mountainside & beat the tourist buses by about 5 minutes, we reached the famous Machu Picchu for some cloud-covered exploration

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Cobblestone streets, ancient Incan walls, beautiful architecture - what more could you want? (Oh... & the most delectable breakfasts in Sudamerica!)

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Puerto Maldonado

Our return to the jungle for another hit of tropical heat. We didnĀ“t encounter any man-eating anacondas, but we did get to sleep with some nice, furry creepy-crawlies

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Santa Cruz Trek

The classic trek in the Cordillera Blanca to admire some of Peru's most majestic peaks (including the "world's most beautiful mountain") and a laguna or two

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Laguna 69

A beautiful laguna hidden in the Cordillera Blanca. Probably a wonderful place to swim if it weren't freezing cold.

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The world's largest city that cannot be reached by road and gateway to the Amazon jungle. A great place to sample exotic food from "the selva".

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Rio Amazonas

3 days lazing on a hammock aboard the rusty old cargo ship - "Eduardo II" - heading up the Amazon. Among our very friendly company for the trip - several hundred chickens, 14 cows & 1 very insomniac rooster

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Yurimaguas is where the Andes end and the jungle begins. A glorious hot bustling tropical town where we hit the markets before boarding our cargo boat bound for Iquitos

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Another off-the-beaten-track town (meaning a bugger to get to), but a lovely, friendly city and the home of the "other Machu Picchu" (there are many of these) - Kuelap.

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San Ignacio

San Ignacio was our first stop in Peru, just a little pueblo in the middle of nowhere...

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La Balsa

La Balsa is the name of the "wonderfully remote border crossing with Peru" as our trusted guidebook describes it. Certainly remote, but a blissful feeling to fall off the map and escape the infamous "Gringo Trail"

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Ecuador's prettiest town so far - a day was enough though. A few quick snaps taken under what seems to be the country's typical weather: rain.

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Puerto Lopez

Lured by the prospect of some whale spotting, we spent a couple of days in the lethargic coastal town of Puerto Lopez enjoying caipirinhas

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A small colourful town south of Riobamba, now the departure point for the switchback train known as the Devil's Nose (especially popular with trainspotting German tourists, as we discovered)

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Volcan Cotopaxi

We have both reached new heights with the delirious midnight ascent of the active volcano Cotopaxi. 5897m of pure hell!

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A consolation prize for not climbing Iliniza, the trip to the beautiful Laguna Quilotoa proved to be one of the highlights of Ecuador

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Iliniza Norte

Training ground for our imminent ascent of the mighty Volcan Cotopaxi, the northern summit of the Iliniza proved elusive after the weather turned nasty and our quirky guide got cold feet...

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The starting point for our Sudamerica adventure, Ecuador's capital provided the perfect introduction to high altitude and a diet of the ever-present "pollo con arroz"

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The Alps

Cheese, cheese, cheese ... and then some mountain walks to make some room for more cheese

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A little (muddy) side-trip to the villages in the foothills of Mount Meru, just next to the city of Arusha.

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A few days spent in the town at the foot of Kilimanjaro, visiting the local Masaai market and waiting (unsuccessfully) to spot the elusive mountain that remained hidden by clouds.

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Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Thousands of animals roaming around the world's largest caldera; Masai warriors and their cattle; some of the earliest traces of humans in Olduvai Gorge... a world of superlatives

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Serengeti National Park

The most expensive camping trip in the world for the joy of sharing our space with hyenas, lions, cheetahs & all the other animals that we normally only see in company of David Attenborough

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Lake Manyara

First stop on our Tanzanian safari extravaganza, Lake Manyara provided a picturesque, beginner's guide to animal spotting

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A little village in the Usambara mountains where we trekked through the mist, enjoyed some local cheese and Christophe photographed every flower in sight (...a VERY small collection shown here...!)

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Named after the famous Dr Livingstone, this town set in the hills overlooking Lake Malawi provided our first encounter with the entrancing sounds of an African gospel choir ( beautiful - I almost converted)

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Likoma's sister island, Chizumulu is an idyllic fishing village where people's friendliness is unsurpassed

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Likoma Island

Here we are, stuck for a week on an island paradise. A spot of kayaking, a lazy sunset swim... then back to the bar for another shandy. My goodness, travelling is exhausting...

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A little village on the shores of Lake Niassa where we caught the weekly ferry to the Malawi Islands

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Fim do Mundo

Aptly described as "the end of the world", we spent 3 days crossing this dusty, yet picturesque, part of northern Mozambique by train and (very cosy!) chappas to make our way to Malawi

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Ilha de Mocambique

Described to us as Zanzibar a couple of decades ago, we wished we could have stayed longer to stroll along the streets of the former Mozambican capital

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A quick pit-stop only, Nampula is the major city of northern Mozambique (where we did find some damn fine roast frango...)

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Mozambique's second largest city with a strangely cool, retro 50s feel (and a lot of concrete). The city is looking a little rough around the edges, but despite this, we liked the vibe here, with the people as friendly as ever

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Bazaruto Archipelago

Paradise on Earth, gin-clear waters... the works. Lured by the brochures, we had to check it out - and we weren't disappointed...!

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A large fishing village just next the blissful Bazaruto Archipelago, we spent a few days here enjoying the markets (and the final of the Champions League with a horde of football-mad Mozambicans!)

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A small village where the main attractions are underwater, this is the place where we decided to conquer the sea and get our scuba licence (& it didn't hurt that we had to live on an idyllic beach for a week)

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Strolling around the streets bearing the names of all the socialist leaders that ever existed, the capital of Mozambique was our first taste of a truly African city

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Just a week-end away in the magnificent Hungarian capital, worlds apart from Cairo in all aspects except for their love of public baths...

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The Egyptian metropolis is a feast for the senses, we managed to stay just enough time to soak up the atmosphere in the Old city and have a quick look at the local Art scene.

52 Photos


Egypt with a fresh mediterranean flavour; a good place to leave Ancient Egypt aside, we wandered around the Great Library and some fantastic restaurants

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From the Valley of the Kings to the Karnak temples, Luxor is on every traveller's A list. Here is a sample of what we could photograph without paying a baksheesh...

39 Photos

Edfu and Kom Ombo

Ancient Egyptian temples on the banks of the Nile - plenty of hieroglyphs and camera-toting tourists - all are fascinating...!

27 Photos


This is the terminus for most southbound trains from Cairo and an idyllic place to start the exploration of the sites of Ancient Egypt

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We love Damascus! The people, the souks, the food... the baklava...!

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Dead Sea

A quick trip, via Mount Nebo, to the Dead Sea for the mandatory float and an opportunity for Kate to get a bit of colour

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The famous 'lost city' of Petra on the edge of the desert, where rocks have been sculpted by the wind and an ancient civilisation

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Wadi Rum

"Why you come to Wadi Rum? Because Wadi Rum not coming to you!" - Famous Bedouin joke.

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Heading south, we sampled the underwater delights of the Red Sea in Aqaba (with a spot of scuba diving as well as a big seafoody dinner)

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Amman - our first touchdown in the Middle East and time to brush up on our Arabic skills ("Salaam Alaykum"... "Alaykum Saalam"... that kinda thing)

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Beng Mealea

Back to the jungle for more temples, more rubble, more kids roaming around... more ancient wonders!

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A whistlestop tour to Siem Reap to see the fantastic temples of Angkor, as we spent a few days clambering through the ruins of this ancient empire set amidst the Cambodian jungle

75 Photos



Known as the "City of Eternal Spring", Yunnan's capital - Kunming, proved itself to be the "City of Eternal Building" with construction sites ahoy, and provided an interesting insight into the new (shopaholic) China

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Tiger Leaping Gorge

Two days trekking in Tiger Leaping Gorge (apparently the world's narrowest gorge), allowed us to experience the joy of vertigo at 3000m, and again work on leg muscles that we didn't previously know existed

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lured by the poetry of the name and the desire to see the great glacier, Kate attempted a summit of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, not far from Lijiang

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The city formerly known as Zhongdian has now been identified as the fabled Shangri La (and renamed by the astute local PR department!). We bought the hype and came to see this 'lost horizon' for ourselves...

32 Photos


The impossibly pretty old city of Lijiang had us swooning over her cobble-stoned streets and lantern-fringed alley-ways as we continued our cycling odyssey around China

80 Photos


An ancient Chinese medieval city which now attracts hordes of visitors. But we managed to avoid the crowds and tourist shops when we stayed in a quirky hotel in a quiet part of town.

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Yuanyang Rice Terraces

The spectacular site of Yuanyang's vast rice terraces - an agricultural marvel that is transformed at sunrise and sunset by the play of light on the water and the rising of mist in the valley

39 Photos


An epic overland bus trip brought us to a small, secluded town near Yuanyang - launching pad for our explorations of the famous rice terraces

38 Photos


Our first taste of Yunnan, the little city of Jinghong also delivered our first taste of the local BBQ Night Market (and the apparent delicacy of "Fried Mekong River Moss" - otherwise known as 'slime') Tasty!

41 Photos

Hong Kong

A brief pit-stop in downtown Honkers to catch up with the lovely Gilles + Vanessa, search for that elusive har gao and enjoy a little big city luxury... momentarily!

46 Photos


Luang Prabang

Our final stop in Laos, a picturesque UNESCO-listed town where we were bewitched by the local scenery, dazzled by the local food and made utterly relaxed by the local Lao massage

59 Photos

Vang Vieng

Once a small village, then an American air strip, later a traveller's heaven, now a black hole for backpackers who want to watch 'Friends'... thankfully the scenery was not spoiled

35 Photos

Ban Kong Lo

We enjoyed a home-stay in a lovely, friendly village named Ban Kong Lo for a few days... exploring the famous cave and underground lake, and carving up the dance floor at the local temple festival!

45 Photos

Si Phan Don

Our first dip in the Mekong to explore the mystically titled 'Land of Four Thousand Islands', or in Laotian - Si Phan Don. (I think we managed to find 3 islands, just 3997 short...)

78 Photos


Described as the most relaxed capital city in the world, Vientiane - on the Mekong - certainly lived up to its reputation for life lived at slow-boat's pace

15 Photos



We escaped most of the tourist hotspots and spent our days exploring the galleries and the back lanes of buzzing Bangkok

15 Photos



A whirlwind Ferris Bueller-style day in India's bustling, overwhelming megalopolis - Mumbai!

25 Photos


India with a hint of Gallic charm in this former French colonial town by the seaside

54 Photos


Another seaside stop, Mamallapuram is renowned for its incredible rock carvings which have survived hundreds of years of history and the onslaught of the 2004 tsunami

27 Photos


A few days in Chennai to join Rochit and Meena for their wonderful wedding festivities, as well as our first glimpse of the sea in over 3 months as we dipped our toes into India's Bay of Bengal

30 Photos


A week in glorious, bustling, krazy Kolkata, India's fourth largest city and home - not only to the nation's only Communist government - but also the dessert capital of the world. A strange mix indeed...

51 Photos


Another tucked-away corner of India, nestled between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan - Sikkim is a state of contrasts and home to both rainforests and icy Himalayan ranges

92 Photos

Singalila Trek

A little walk through West Bengal's Singalila National Park - with awe-inspiring views of Khangchendzonga, a little detour into Nepal and plenty of the local millet beer to keep us entertained

94 Photos


An Indian hill station with magnificient views of the world's third highest peak and of course, the perfect spot for a cup of tea

20 Photos


The holy city of Varanasi lies on the banks of the Ganges, and the river is the lifeblood of the city - pilgrims and sadhus daily bathe in its sacred waters and funereal pyres are gathered on its shores

57 Photos


Home of the Taj Mahal... what more can we say!

31 Photos


A rural part of colourful Rajasthan which is famous for its grand, frescoed havelis - and luckily, a little off the tourist trail so we could enjoy games of cricket and cups of tea with the locals in peace!

44 Photos


A brief stopover in Jaipur - aka the Pink City - and a chance to catch a Bollywood flick at the Raj Mandir

10 Photos


A sleepy town in the middle of the desert with an imposing castle - there are more camels than people here

47 Photos


A medieval fort surrounded by a collage of blue houses in the arid plains of Rajasthan (...but unfortunately no sightings of the trousers which gave the city its name!)

39 Photos


To catch up with the annual spectacular of the camel fair, we joined hundreds of sadhus, colourful camel herders and a few thousand camels in the holy town of Pushkar

51 Photos


Amritsar is the main city of Indian Punjab and home to the magnificent and peaceful Golden Temple - one of the most sacred sites for Sikhs

40 Photos


Home of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Dharamsala is a lovely spot to relax for a few days. We actually stayed in McLeod Ganj, the little village where most of the Tibetan community resides

18 Photos


The capital of troubled Kashmir can be surprisingly peaceful. What meant to be a simple stopover turned out to be 5 days of relaxation on the serene Nageen Lake

71 Photos


When Pakistan and India have a fight, this is where it happens -- surprising given that there is strictly nothing of interest here (& photos to prove it!)

4 Photos


A small village just 8hrs (140km) from Leh where goats largely outnumber the local population. Oh, and there's yet another monastery...

10 Photos


A village just 17km south of Leh where we happened upon the annual mask dance festival at the local monastery and dined with the local military!

23 Photos

Markha Trek

8 days of pain in the Himalayas - following our trek through some beautiful mountain scenery and dusty villages (and bumping into a few goats along the way!)

90 Photos

Nubra Valley

A small valley - north of Leh - where we spent two days braving perilous roads and enjoying incredible mountain vistas

94 Photos


Some photographs from our time in Leh, Ladakh - a beautiful place in the Himalayas, wedged between Kashmir and Tibet

29 Photos



Three days of sashimi heaven in Tokyo

32 Photos