At the height of its glory, Potosi was the wealthiest city in the world as a result of its silver industry. 500 years later, the mines are still operational but "Cerro Rico" is now known as the mountain that eats men (and boys)

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Strange red lagunas, wind-whipped rock formations, flocks of flaming flamingoes... Help! We've been sucked into a Dali painting...

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Salar de Uyuni

Surreal landscapes of salt flats littered with islands of cactus... very strange places where people do very strange things!

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Just a pueblo in the middle of nowhere but lucky enough to be the launching pad for some of Bolivia's most fascinating landscapes

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Parque Sajama

Parque Lauca's alter ego on the Bolivian side of the border separated by twin volcanoes ... and a minefield

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