La Balsa

La Balsa is the name of the "wonderfully remote border crossing with Peru" as our trusted guidebook describes it. Certainly remote, but a blissful feeling to fall off the map and escape the infamous "Gringo Trail"

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Ecuador's prettiest town so far - a day was enough though. A few quick snaps taken under what seems to be the country's typical weather: rain.

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Puerto Lopez

Lured by the prospect of some whale spotting, we spent a couple of days in the lethargic coastal town of Puerto Lopez enjoying caipirinhas

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A small colourful town south of Riobamba, now the departure point for the switchback train known as the Devil's Nose (especially popular with trainspotting German tourists, as we discovered)

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Volcan Cotopaxi

We have both reached new heights with the delirious midnight ascent of the active volcano Cotopaxi. 5897m of pure hell!

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A consolation prize for not climbing Iliniza, the trip to the beautiful Laguna Quilotoa proved to be one of the highlights of Ecuador

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Iliniza Norte

Training ground for our imminent ascent of the mighty Volcan Cotopaxi, the northern summit of the Iliniza proved elusive after the weather turned nasty and our quirky guide got cold feet...

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The starting point for our Sudamerica adventure, Ecuador's capital provided the perfect introduction to high altitude and a diet of the ever-present "pollo con arroz"

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