Here is our photo album for India – the most recent photos are displayed first.


A whirlwind Ferris Bueller-style day in India's bustling, overwhelming megalopolis - Mumbai!

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India with a hint of Gallic charm in this former French colonial town by the seaside

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Another seaside stop, Mamallapuram is renowned for its incredible rock carvings which have survived hundreds of years of history and the onslaught of the 2004 tsunami

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A few days in Chennai to join Rochit and Meena for their wonderful wedding festivities, as well as our first glimpse of the sea in over 3 months as we dipped our toes into India's Bay of Bengal

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A week in glorious, bustling, krazy Kolkata, India's fourth largest city and home - not only to the nation's only Communist government - but also the dessert capital of the world. A strange mix indeed...

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Another tucked-away corner of India, nestled between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan - Sikkim is a state of contrasts and home to both rainforests and icy Himalayan ranges

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Singalila Trek

A little walk through West Bengal's Singalila National Park - with awe-inspiring views of Khangchendzonga, a little detour into Nepal and plenty of the local millet beer to keep us entertained

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An Indian hill station with magnificient views of the world's third highest peak and of course, the perfect spot for a cup of tea

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The holy city of Varanasi lies on the banks of the Ganges, and the river is the lifeblood of the city - pilgrims and sadhus daily bathe in its sacred waters and funereal pyres are gathered on its shores

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Home of the Taj Mahal... what more can we say!

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A rural part of colourful Rajasthan which is famous for its grand, frescoed havelis - and luckily, a little off the tourist trail so we could enjoy games of cricket and cups of tea with the locals in peace!

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A brief stopover in Jaipur - aka the Pink City - and a chance to catch a Bollywood flick at the Raj Mandir

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A sleepy town in the middle of the desert with an imposing castle - there are more camels than people here

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A medieval fort surrounded by a collage of blue houses in the arid plains of Rajasthan (...but unfortunately no sightings of the trousers which gave the city its name!)

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To catch up with the annual spectacular of the camel fair, we joined hundreds of sadhus, colourful camel herders and a few thousand camels in the holy town of Pushkar

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Amritsar is the main city of Indian Punjab and home to the magnificent and peaceful Golden Temple - one of the most sacred sites for Sikhs

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Home of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Dharamsala is a lovely spot to relax for a few days. We actually stayed in McLeod Ganj, the little village where most of the Tibetan community resides

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The capital of troubled Kashmir can be surprisingly peaceful. What meant to be a simple stopover turned out to be 5 days of relaxation on the serene Nageen Lake

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When Pakistan and India have a fight, this is where it happens -- surprising given that there is strictly nothing of interest here (& photos to prove it!)

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A small village just 8hrs (140km) from Leh where goats largely outnumber the local population. Oh, and there's yet another monastery...

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A village just 17km south of Leh where we happened upon the annual mask dance festival at the local monastery and dined with the local military!

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Markha Trek

8 days of pain in the Himalayas - following our trek through some beautiful mountain scenery and dusty villages (and bumping into a few goats along the way!)

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Nubra Valley

A small valley - north of Leh - where we spent two days braving perilous roads and enjoying incredible mountain vistas

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Some photographs from our time in Leh, Ladakh - a beautiful place in the Himalayas, wedged between Kashmir and Tibet

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