Luang Prabang

Our final stop in Laos, a picturesque UNESCO-listed town where we were bewitched by the local scenery, dazzled by the local food and made utterly relaxed by the local Lao massage

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Vang Vieng

Once a small village, then an American air strip, later a traveller's heaven, now a black hole for backpackers who want to watch 'Friends'... thankfully the scenery was not spoiled

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Ban Kong Lo

We enjoyed a home-stay in a lovely, friendly village named Ban Kong Lo for a few days... exploring the famous cave and underground lake, and carving up the dance floor at the local temple festival!

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Si Phan Don

Our first dip in the Mekong to explore the mystically titled 'Land of Four Thousand Islands', or in Laotian - Si Phan Don. (I think we managed to find 3 islands, just 3997 short...)

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Described as the most relaxed capital city in the world, Vientiane - on the Mekong - certainly lived up to its reputation for life lived at slow-boat's pace

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