A little village on the shores of Lake Niassa where we caught the weekly ferry to the Malawi Islands

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Fim do Mundo

Aptly described as "the end of the world", we spent 3 days crossing this dusty, yet picturesque, part of northern Mozambique by train and (very cosy!) chappas to make our way to Malawi

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Ilha de Mocambique

Described to us as Zanzibar a couple of decades ago, we wished we could have stayed longer to stroll along the streets of the former Mozambican capital

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A quick pit-stop only, Nampula is the major city of northern Mozambique (where we did find some damn fine roast frango...)

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Mozambique's second largest city with a strangely cool, retro 50s feel (and a lot of concrete). The city is looking a little rough around the edges, but despite this, we liked the vibe here, with the people as friendly as ever

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Bazaruto Archipelago

Paradise on Earth, gin-clear waters... the works. Lured by the brochures, we had to check it out - and we weren't disappointed...!

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A large fishing village just next the blissful Bazaruto Archipelago, we spent a few days here enjoying the markets (and the final of the Champions League with a horde of football-mad Mozambicans!)

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A small village where the main attractions are underwater, this is the place where we decided to conquer the sea and get our scuba licence (& it didn't hurt that we had to live on an idyllic beach for a week)

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Strolling around the streets bearing the names of all the socialist leaders that ever existed, the capital of Mozambique was our first taste of a truly African city

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