A beautiful colonial city in southern Peru with a convent where the old time nuns were famous for their decadent lifestyle

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Sacred Valley

Returning from Machu Picchu, we stopped off in a few of the villages of the Sacred Inca Valley and rambled through the local markets

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Machu Picchu

Up at the crack of dawn to trek up the mountainside & beat the tourist buses by about 5 minutes, we reached the famous Machu Picchu for some cloud-covered exploration

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Cobblestone streets, ancient Incan walls, beautiful architecture - what more could you want? (Oh... & the most delectable breakfasts in Sudamerica!)

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Puerto Maldonado

Our return to the jungle for another hit of tropical heat. We didnĀ“t encounter any man-eating anacondas, but we did get to sleep with some nice, furry creepy-crawlies

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Santa Cruz Trek

The classic trek in the Cordillera Blanca to admire some of Peru's most majestic peaks (including the "world's most beautiful mountain") and a laguna or two

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Laguna 69

A beautiful laguna hidden in the Cordillera Blanca. Probably a wonderful place to swim if it weren't freezing cold.

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The world's largest city that cannot be reached by road and gateway to the Amazon jungle. A great place to sample exotic food from "the selva".

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Rio Amazonas

3 days lazing on a hammock aboard the rusty old cargo ship - "Eduardo II" - heading up the Amazon. Among our very friendly company for the trip - several hundred chickens, 14 cows & 1 very insomniac rooster

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Yurimaguas is where the Andes end and the jungle begins. A glorious hot bustling tropical town where we hit the markets before boarding our cargo boat bound for Iquitos

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Another off-the-beaten-track town (meaning a bugger to get to), but a lovely, friendly city and the home of the "other Machu Picchu" (there are many of these) - Kuelap.

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San Ignacio

San Ignacio was our first stop in Peru, just a little pueblo in the middle of nowhere...

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