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Hello pen!


Today, we have visited Jhunjhunu, the capital of the local district in Shekhawati. As in most cities in the regions, there are quite a few havelis to visit and we were quickly havelied out, so we started to wander around the city. It was quite pleasant, not that the city is particularly pretty or of […]

Havelis in Shekhawati


To end our travels in Rajasthan, we decided to visit the Shekhawati region which according to most guidebooks has been spared by mass tourism and allows travellers to get some insights into rural life in the region. This is a place where we can see colourful men and women alongside camels and the beautiful thorn […]

And so castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually


We have arrived in Jaisalmer, on the edge of the great Thar Desert. It is a sleepy little town where the main attraction is the imposing medieval fort which looks like a giant sandcastle; and as with any sandcastle – the walls are actually mostly made of sandstone and rest on foundations of clay – […]

Dining like a Maharajah


We have dined like Maharajahs tonight.Not only did we happen to find ourselves in Jodhpur on the day of the Australian election; but we also happened to find ourselves atop the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort just in time for dinner. Dispensing with our usual bargain dhaba specials at the local eateries, we instead headed for the […]